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Author: Sylvia Wilks, Your Source of Custom Coins, Your Source of Custom Coins

challenge coin Whatever gift will do, but note that it would be good to receive a gift, which is somehow unique and at the same time, it is something that one can keep and serve as remembrance. One example of it is the challenge coin. Whether you are the one who will receive, or the one who will give it to another, it is a great way to show a person that you are expressing your warm gratitude.

Challenge-CoinAccording to Mental Floss, the challenge coin is being given to soldiers after their good performance in the war battle. The soldiers keep these coins as symbol of their great achievement, instead of using this in wine or other needs. The military service is one of the government agencies that commonly use challenge coins. They are also using these as their badge, depicting that they belong in a particular institution. The common size of challenge coins is around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter, but some are smaller or larger than the standard size.

It was in World War I when an officer rewarded medallions to his soldiers, letting them have the insignia of their military department. One of the earliest challenge coins noted in the history was the “Buffalo Bill” that started on the Korean War. The challenge coins were also a special recipient in a secret handshake of military soldiers. The soldiers are shaking hands as a sign of respect, but, they have a secret challenge coin in the hand. The tradition is being passed from one generation to the other. The challenge coin is a symbol of pride and honor.

If you are interested to have a challenge coin, or even planning to give it as a gift, you must consider many factors. If you want to give challenge coins as a reward or a means of appreciation to your employees or members, you must know that challenge coins can be customized. The design of the challenge coins will depend on your personal needs. It may be a logo of your company, organization, school club, or anything that contains the insignia of your group. Choose a company, which is an expert in the making of custom coins. Check the level of their expertise and professionalism. It can be proven exactly on the products they are making.

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Consider the prices charged by the custom coin company. A high quality product must have a reasonable price. Choose the company that can offer reasonable prices, which is equal to the quality of their products. The offers affordable prices of custom challenge coins. The prices of our products will depend on your choice of color, metal style and other options such as the coating, designs, additional edges, etc. We listed the prices on our website at, so you will know about our offered rates.

You must also choose the company that is easy to approach. Some companies answer inquiries for a long duration of time. You can make some research about the custom challenge coin company’s good rapport and communication with their previous clients. Know how they communicate with their clients. The offers a fast transaction with our clients. We value the time of our clients and we want them to feel that they are important to us.

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There are so many things you shall consider before picking the right challenge coin company. You must always remember that they must suit your budget and your custom needs for the challenge coins.