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The Role Of The Funeral In Helping You Deal With Loss

The Role Of The Funeral In Helping You Deal With Loss

You may have experienced grief over a major loss or end of a relationship at a point in your life. You may have experienced denial, anger, and depression that you felt you did not know what to do to ease the pain and move on with your life. Another event you have to face is death that you know is inevitable. Unlike the other kinds of loss, death means there is no chance for a revival. It is the shutdown of the physical body, and there is nothing a mourner could do but accept the reality of the loss of that someone dear.

We at Gentry Griffey will help you deal with this through our funeral arrangements.

Ceremonies should allow for the expression of bereavement. If you are not suppressed to undergo the stages of anger, denial, or depression, you can experience healing as time goes by. With that said, you first need to recognize the reality of the loss. A funeral is a way of announcing the loss to your loved ones and a call for support. We understand that you may not believe your loved one has just died, and we are hoping that with our services, you may be able to finally accept that he or she has left this physical world.

Funeral servicesThe deceased may have left its physical body but he will continue to live in the memory of the mourners. You may think that you are both living now in different worlds. A funeral service is designed to help you move on with your life and undergo a transition. It allows others to witness your change in attitude and behavior, a natural way to cope with reality and life. If you have been a husband to your wife who has now passed away, you will have to adapt without her around.

Ceremonies allow attendees to support the mourners. Their presence indicates you are not alone; it is not only you who has felt the loss. A funeral is a venue where significant others are able to reach out and comfort you. They may be given the chance for a eulogy or to tell their story about their life with the deceased. This may be your first time to hear his behavior or attitude whenever he was with others. You will see how others see your loved one when he was still alive, and hear stories of his adventure outside your home.

Ceremonies should allow for an introspection and reflection. We hope to help you ponder on the meaning of life and death. You may believe that death is the absolute end, or it is a rebirth. Whatever the case may be, we respect your beliefs and culture as ceremonies are designed to bring together one culture and settle personal differences of the attendees.

Ceremonies may be chaotic at first in that the mourner may still be in a state of denial and shock, but they help the mourner heal as time goes by. You learn to accept the loss when you undergo the process of grief. Through ceremonies, you learn to see that the human body is fragile, and life is precious. You learn to take each day of your life with happiness and realize that life is about being thankful for even the small blessings that come to your life. You begin to see that life is temporary and it will not always be easy. What matters is that others support you till the end.


The rituals are an acknowledgement that a life has ended. Others believe that the soul does not die since it is a spiritual energy. Other religions believe that respect for the body, regardless if dead or alive, is respect for the soul. Most of the religions in the world have this ritual for the dead as a respect for the mourners and the soul of the deceased. No matter what your religious and cultural beliefs are, our funeral arrangements are designed to adapt to your culture relating to death and help you take a look at life and its meaning.

These arrangements can be a life-changing experience for you as you learn how to deal with life without your loved one. These can bring cultures and relationships closer together. These can also be a way to relive the special moments you have had with the deceased. These help you realize the importance and frailty of life.